RADAR suite of SEO tools

An innovative suite of tools for SEO professionals, marketing teams, content writers and agencies alike. For those needing to monitor and react, optimise content with AI power, understand what you need to do today. What’s on your RADAR?

For SEOs, Marketers, Content writers

RADAR is a suite of tools for everyone who needs to grow online visibility and revenue. Designed by industry veterans who have done the work for those who need to today.

Practising what we preach!

Tools developed by SEO's for SEO's. Turning years of experience with SEO's tools into one optimum suite, which leaves nothing to interpretation.


Your SEO Toolbox

Content Optimiser

For: those who want to optimize content. By using NLP technologies to compare to other, to test your own texts and forecast your enhancements future performance.

Landscape analyzer

For: those who need to know why others are winning and what you can do to compete and beat!


Your early warning system and reporting dashboards. At the heart of your suite combines your GSC and GA data with early warning alerts.


Coming Soon

RADAR early warning

Monitoring traffic, pages and rankings and providing you an early warning system!

Campaign monitoring

To directly prove your SEO efforts have worked at a URL level of analysis.

Market intelligence

Being altered to movements in the SERPs including tracked competitors.

Outreach RADAR

Do you need to find outreach partners, forecast and simulate the potential upside. With integration with leading CRM tools.

ASO tools

Reporting on your app store performance, with content and keyword optimization proactive suggestions.

Blogger outreach marketplace

A marketplace where you can upload your SEO, Content creator, content creation, story amplification campaign and work with active and leading bloggers and social stars.

Why choose us?

Why Radar?

Automation of SEO tasks

Free up-to 80% of your time

RADAR can be used by anybody to control the automation of SEO tasks that historically consumed large quantities of time, resource & often suffered from inconsistencies, i.e. Disavow, Risk Profiling, SERPs Intelligence, Competitor Insight & much more.


RADAR intelligently selects SEO elements for analysis, whilst additionally detecting events that pose a risk to your continued revenue driving capabilities & offers accurate solutions, that when implemented work quickly.

No more conflicting or confusing data

Nothing left to interpretation

Many SEO tools often deliver conflicting data, (quality scores, domain ratings, rank driving influence, traffic, risk) & when incorporated into analysis suites, regular inconsistencies still exist.


IntelliGiants eradicate these inconsistencies by not only validating the presence of all purported links, but additionally layering 236 metrics to the original data from these link sources. Delivering algorithmically analysed actionable insight & the much needed competitive edge.

Advanced Machine Learning

Profiling specific to your business needs

More than 5 years of stringent scientific analysis & development have unravelled the most telling and equally important metrics that each of the Search Engines value. Continuous monitoring ensures we maintain this leading insight which is made accessible to each of our clients.


RADAR intuitively profiles every domain in a unique manner (specific to your business & industry), delivering actionable insight that when implemented, will yield improvements in the areas that you are seeking.


The advanced machine learning supports you in your daily challenges & ensures you maintain the much needed competitive edge.

Fresh & Real-time insights

The most accurate fully validated backlink intelligence that can be interrogated in real time. No one currently meets this level of accuracy and insight.


24/7 analysis of the SERPs landscapes, detecting & reporting on the movements that matter to you, with underlying reasons for any movement.


RADAR will assess your current performance & suggest other areas of opportunity you may have known existed, but doubted possible.

Create tailored interactive league tables & uncover who, when & how others are securing revenue generating traffic.

Alex Martin Envato Customer
Terry Figueroa Marketing Manager
Kaycee Hess Human Resources

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" Nulla metus ullamcorper vel tincidunt sed euismod nibh Quisque volutpat condimentum velit class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra. "

" Nulla metus ullamcorper vel tincidunt sed euismod nibh Quisque volutpat condimentum velit class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra. "

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