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For the select few, we will apply our highly honed SEO skills to your campaign, but we generally only ever get involved on the overly aggressive terms that many in the industry consider us to be the SWAT team that gets called into the rapidly adjusting the playing field. In many cases you won’t need SEO support; simply data, insight and applied knowledge.

Domain Intelligence - OutReach

If you’re looking to operate an outreach campaign of any type, Intelligiants can support you. With access to the each of the root DNS Zones, each updated daily by IntelliGiants….

Categorised by:

Domain Name

Domain Extension

Age of Domain

Domain Theme

Domain Owner

Domain Registrar

IP Location

GA Codes

Google PR

Domain Authority

Out Bound Links

Contact Data

Search for any domain registered in the world across the root DNS zones, and shortlist them on any criteria. This technology is often used to empower off-page SEO activities, PR campaigns and supporting online awareness.

Social Media

Identify your target demographic globally and then segment the data into the groups that allow high effective targeted campaigns, by applying financial data relating directly to the groups segmented, you can target the financially aspirational from the financially capable. 

Content Creation

With a moderately sized team of fully qualified journalists, we are always being asked to create content for website re-writes or work in conjunction with the management as part of a content strategy. Using the intelligence tools at our disposal, we can ensure that all content is unique and engaging to the target demographic.

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