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Full Back Link Risk Assessment

Any new SEO taking over a new domain, role or brand will first want to understand the scale of the task they are taking on and agreeing to. They will often, have been told by upper management what the objectives are, but without understanding where you are, how can you determine the route you should take?

Dis-Avow & Re-Avow Management

With the ever changing landscape and adjusting rules that surround SEO, no one link is safe from scrutiny. Quite often it is one SEO operative’s sole role, to manage this one process by disavowing unsavory links sources and in some instances re-avowing URL’s that were previously unsuitable, but have now changed their ways.

Link Accrual & Loss

If the number and quality of the links aren’t monitored on a regular frequency, housekeeping becomes more of a full risk assessment activity. As such the accrual and loss of links and their sources must be understood and addressed accordingly.

Content Creation & Distribution

Without fully understanding the back link profile of the domain in question, how can you sanction a content production plan? You could and many do…. But if the data is available to view, it possesses the ability to vaccinate you and your team from the risk of embarrassment.

Competitor Analysis

With the exception of Dis-Avow & Re-Avow Management, each of the above, must also be performed on the client’s competitor set, to ensure that the clients brand(s) are more suitable for SEO dominance.


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Affiliate Identification

we are able to map out the Affiliates of any brand, product or Affiliate network, plotting each of the Affiliates audience engagement capabilities in the digital landscape.