About Us

Based on a scientific study funded by industry leaders

Welcome to the next step
on your digital intelligence journey.

Having built a strong reputation and an impressive skill base, our founder was approached by a committee of six high profile industry leaders to come up with a solution to the constant issues that plagued every SEO team. Our vision was to scientifically code break the rules that the search engines operate by, when assigning a rank to a URL in the results pages of the natural (organic) search landscape.

Such data and ability to use it, was considered vital by our supporters, when aspiring to benefit from stable search exposure and consistent revenue creation.

The overwhelming success of the study paved the way to preparing the stratagem for all SEO’s to utilise all present data both known and previously undiscovered.

How we have been progressing.

Time Line of Events…


We commenced the creation of the tools that would re-shape SEO’s perspectives for years to come.


Our work was proclaimed as a phenomenal success.


Game Time! Sharing our insight, supporting, educating and encouraging as many SEO’s that we can to enter a world or revelation.

The people...

Senior Management Team

Andrew Stubbs

Founder - CEO

Andrew is the Co-Founder of our unique and punchy business. He is the driving force behind all the creativity that goes on around here. Currently on A diet and trying to keep under 15 st.

Daniel Laming

Chief Financial Officer

Dan is simply the man… responsible for the seamless organisation and smooth running of the business. He is also a famous super hero by night and likes tight suits. Lead into the danger field.

The Team

The Intelligiants team are made from experienced, tested and acknowledged individuals
who have come together and built a new, scientific platform for strategically enhancing your way of thinking.