Intelligiants are UK based, and operate in stealth mode

A little about us.

‘Water, water everywhere… nor any drop to drink’ – The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Coleridge

Many senior marketers are drowning in information yet starving for real knowledge. In a world where data comes in overwhelming amounts, the real challenge is gaining clarity and insight… which is where Intelligiants comes in.

With a unique suite of intelligence tools at our disposal, registrar-level access to the root DNS zones of a comprehensive and current database of domains and a wealth of unparalleled experience, we are experts at translating information into actionable insight to empower SEO, Social, PPC and Affiliate Marketing activities.

From building bespoke intelligence solutions to mapping your competitor’s audience engagement capabilities, Intelligiants can handle just about anything you throw at us – and we love nothing more than taking on a challenge! Isn’t it about time you give your competitors something to worry about?

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